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Oscar of Sweden

Oscar of Sweden is a family owned company that creates shirts for the modern and fashion forward men. We have worked with craft, quality and style since 1949.

Only shirts
since 1949

We have worked with only shirts for over 60 years. And we are still dedicated to the details.

Working with shirts, shirts and even more shirts for over 60 years, we know how to get things done and to get them just right. Our designers have always had a common purpose: to create the perfect shirt. Founded in 1949, it was run from a small basement in textile town Borås on the Swedish west coast. With focus on only shirts it gradually grew larger over the years. Owners and siblings Per and Ewa Åhman started out early, pressing collars and cutting threads under their father’s watch. They soon learned the necessity of putting consideration and thought into every part of the work. Today our quality shirts are sold all over the world but are still designed in Borås, Sweden.

It takes hard work, passion and precision, to create the perfect shirt. We should know, we’ve been doing this for more than 60 years. We carry our history with pride and always work with quality and style. We put consideration and thought into every part of the work, simply believing in shirts that fit, no matter the occasion. We are dedicated to the details. Every fit, cut, pattern and seam must be excellent. There’s nothing left to chance. You can both see and feel, that you’re wearing a shirt from Oscar of Sweden. Therefore we put great emphasis on choice of fabrics, buttons and thread, to weaving techniques and washing of textiles. We provide everything between linen and chambray. There are no special occasions because each occasion itself is unique and requires the right shirt. However, our shirts fit most occasions; work, party, wedding, funeral or other times when you’ll need to look proper, sporty, preppy, stylish or just relaxed.



Oscar of Sweden makes shirts with a twist. Some of them are timeless and classic, while others are trendy and seasonal. All our collections are made with focus on craftsmanship, design, quality and perfect fit.

Piece of Sweden

Our Autumn collection for 2015 is photographed at Fjällgården in Åre. A perfect place for our colorful collection, its palette reflecting the rich tones of autumn’s changing leaf garb – green, yellow, orange, red. As a contrast, the white buttons beat a retreat. The 2015 collection also offers prints, ranging from classy designs with micro prints to larger, more sweeping gestures. The collars are smaller, shorter, and we also unveil a new, stylish round collar. As usual, nothing is left to chance when it comes to fit.

Slimfit has consolidated its place in the fashion silhouette and with our continued investment in twice as many sizes by using single sizes, it’s looking better than ever.


Our limited collection 1949 is a tribute
to our history and heritage.

1949 – The Art of Materials

The Shirt Guide

Here you'll find all you need to know about our shirts.

Find your perfect fit

The inspiration from the Italian way of working with size and different fits, enables us to offer shirts that fit even better. We don’t compromise. With twice as many sizes to choose from, it becomes easier to find the perfect fit. The added sizes 37, 39, 41, 43, 45 and 47 reduce the gap between our sizes. This means your shirt will fit perfectly, even if you need to go up or down a size.


Our fabrics

  • Sea island

    Sea Island is the most precious, desirable and rare cotton, handpicked from the Gossypium Barbadense-plant. The cotton is processed and inspected by experts after removing all fragments of soil, sand, leaves and stalks. All of these aspects leave us with a fabric with a very high yarn count that’s supple, lightweight and soft but with a great tear resistance, making it the obvious choice for our luxury line of shirts. Sea Island is a fabric with extra-long fibers, reaching 39 mm, which is double the length of standard cottons. It’s the most precious, desirable and rare cotton, handpicked from the Gossypium Barbadense-plant. The handpicking leads to fewer imperfections in the yarn and gives the fabric a softer finish. Sea Island represents only 0,0004 % of the total global cotton production.

  • Giza 45 & Giza 87

    The Egyptian cotton that we use for the 1949 collection is Giza 45 and Giza 87; precious cotton cultivated by the River Nile. The weather condition is ideal for producing the best cotton in the world. Giza 45 is cultivated in a small area on the east Nile and considered the ”Queen" of all types of Egyptian cotton. It has an extremely long fiber length of 36 mm. Giza 45 represents only 0,4% of the total Egyptian cotton production. The cotton is hand picked not to avoid chemical products. The famous cotton Giza 87 has unique characteristics such as notably long staple length and a soft and silky feel. It has an fiber length of 36 mm, same as Giza 45. Giza 87 represents only 1,5 % of the total Egyptian cotton production. Giza 87 is famous for it’s fine luster and whiteness. The cotton is hand picked not to avoid chemical products.

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Would you like to get to know us better? Then it’s now time to take the first step and call us or send an email immediately. Regardless of what you choose, here you’ll find the right person to contact.

Oscar of Sweden AB
Klintegatan 12, 506 40 Borås, Phone: +46 (0) 33-10 85 80
Customer Service: Phone: +46 (0) 33-20 55 32  /  Email: info@oscarofsweden.se

Per Åhman
Export Manager
Office: +46 33 20 55 30
Cell: +46 705 36 12 22
Email: per@oscarofsweden.se